Paraná will plant 10% more second crop corn than last year

March 27, 2012


The second crops are starting in some parts of Brazil and most of the state of Paraná chose planting corn instead of wheat. 200 thousand hectares were designated for wheat, according to some previous researches, but this area will turn to corn.
The explanation comes from commercial reasons, once the current prices give U$ 13, 66 per bag (60 kilos). Wheat pays better, but the productivity is almost the half. 'It is expensive, but is paying very well', said a producer from Campo Mourão, city in the North of Paraná.
Corn planting on winter is growing year by year, what makes wheat crops almost disappear on site. Nowadays, about 1, 9 million hectares would be designated for corn crops, which is a record and 10% more than it was in 2011.
Where producers do not plant corn, other cultures are chose except wheat. In Guarapuava, for example, barley is preferred because nearby is located a malting company.

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