Mato Grosso varies its exports centers

March 16, 2012


In the past 11 years, the soybean crop in the state of Mato Grosso increased 300%. On last year, the state of Parana got 211 thousand tons more than used to get in the beginning of 2000s.
Those numbers, however, do not seem optimistic, because the difference between Paranagua exports of Mato Grosso's crop today and in the past, is about 200 thousand tons. It was supposed to be more.
But Mato Grosso varies a lot its flow area. Last year, 63% of the crop were sent overseas by Santos port, in the state of São Paulo. São Francisco do Sul port, in Santa Catarina, has the same sharing as Paranagua port, in Parana.
More two ports, but in the North of the country, are going to compete for Mato Grosso's crop. Santarém port, in the state of Pará, and Itaqui port, in Maranhão, would get some share in the future.

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