Delivering in advance, Parana increases soybean exports

March 16, 2012


Because of the Delivery in advance of soybean grains, the export in the state of Parana increased on 26% if compared with the same period in the past year. On total, the amount sent overseas is U$ 2, 38 billion.
This is the first time since 2006 that exports overcomes imports, which also increased, by 23%. A curious fact is that without soybean, the state would have registered an increase on exports of just 10%.
The external demand caused this phenomenon, what pushes local producers to sell its production earlier. According to some consultancies, importers has been offering more than U$ 0,60 per bushel extra for soybean via Paranagua Port, which is uncommon at this time of the year.
Other highlights of Parana exports are: vehicles and parts, which increased on 52%, sugar, with 65% of increase and fuels, which almost duplicated its exports.

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