Crop failure is about 45% on soybean crop in Dourados

March 15, 2012


The city of Dourados, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, will register a crop failure of almost 45% on the present soybean crop. 85% of the whole area were already harvested, said a local authority.
The biggest reason for those bad numbers is the fact that Dourados had 42 days without rain and when the soybean grains were in graining stage, the high temperatures killed many plants. Expectations for this year await a harvest between 30 to 35 bags per hectare. In the same period of last year, the city had about 55 bags per hectare.
Crop Failure again?
There is nothing else someone could do to recover the losses of this crop, but many producers are already worried about the next crop, the second crop corn. The region is having a new drought season.
It is not predictable right now, however, if the drought period would lasts enough to start damaging crops.

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